Monthly Archive for March, 2007

Photoworks Day 2

Day 2 of Photoworks was fun. We got to critique each other’s photo project and we were also able to get a grasp of using lenses for the moment you want to capture. The subject matter seems to be a little overwhelming to me right now. Hopefully after sleeping on it I can start applying it when I take photographs.


Yesterday, I went into Tower Records, Glorietta to see what’s new music was there. I haven’t been listening to the radio so I’m not exactly up to date on new music. I heard a pretty catchy but heavy rock song was being played in store. It reminded me a bit of Hoobastank, Thursday and Staind. And so I asked the lady from the counter what band was it. I heard her say “Ice Cream.” Of course, I was surprised since what heavy / metal band would name their band “ice cream?” So I asked what the name was again and she just handed me a flyer. Apparently it’s Eyescream and it’s a local band hailing from Nueva Ecija.

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Partying with officemates

There was a party last Friday in celebration of the wins at the recently concluded AdFest. Even if I practically new almost everyone there already, I didn’t actively mingle with everyone. I stayed in places where there were just a handful of people with quite meaningful conversations. The “big crowd” isn’t something I really like. And I was probably avoiding discussion on a decision I made.


Photoworks Class 30 started last Wed, March 21. I’ve always wanted to join this class but didn’t before since I don’t think I can stand having to be with a lot of people I don’t know. This time I got to join because my friends signed up for it. So far it’s been quite interesting. It seems to be a whole new way of looking at photography. Hopefully I do get to learn a lot from it, which reminds me, I haven’t done the photo project yet.


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