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Election Spam

I’ve been geting election related SMS, most probably from Team Unity campaigners. I’m getting it from a +639225122109 through my Sun Cellular line. They’re probably doing random spamming since my number’s relatively new and I haven’t really put them on application forms yet. And I’m not alone. It seems Rico and some others are also receiving the exact same messages.

Yahoo! Answers

Some of the questions at Yahoo! Answers can really be entertaining. Take for example the following:

If a gal gets a restraining order against me, is she just playing hard to get?

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Last week

This week’s gonna be my last week week at my current job. I’m hoping it will be a smooth one so I can easily start preparing for my next job. Good luck to me.

Today I'm 26

I’ve turned a year older again. It looks to be another exciting year for me. There are a lot of challenges ahead and I hope I can respond well.

Gaining Confidence

Confidence is not one of my biggest assets. It’s not something I can readily say I possess. I usually need a bit of time to gain it. It helps a lot if the people around you actually believe that you can do things. Things that you only have tiny shreds of confidence to do. People close to you telling you that you’ll do good, great even; that you’ll make it helps a lot in keeping a healthy confidence level.

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Filipino IT workers or IT workers in the Philippines?

Filipino IT workers are lowest-paid in Asia Pacific–survey is an example of a badly constructed headline in my opinion. It should’ve said something like IT workers in the Philippines or Philippine-based IT workers, but not Filipino IT workers, since there are a lot of Filipino IT workers in Asia Pacific specially in Singapore. And I don’t think they’re paid low at all. And the headline can be taken to mean the wrong way that Filipino IT workers are paid less because they’re Filipino not because of the state of the local IT industry. But, it’s just me thinking.

Photos from Visita Iglesia

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The Rising Sun

IMG_6738 Originally uploaded by kid*.

Captured this while walking around the village for the Stations of the Cross. I actually didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did.


I’ve added twitter on the sidebar.

Word of the Day: Premonition

It’s the skill that a lot of jeepney and cab drivers demonstrate when they cross an intersection when there’s a red light. They had a premonition that it will turn green.