Monthly Archive for May, 2007

I’m officially an OFW

Just did my first remittance at iRemit today. The process was considerably fast since there was practically no queue. The transaction was done after lunch which can be the reason why it hasn’t been credited to my account yet. I’ll check again tomorrow.

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Personal Shopping

And so I went shopping today. Here’s the list of what I got for myself:

  • a battery-operated hair clipper (since I mostly maintain the skinhead hairstyle)
  • an electronic shaver
  • 3 shirts (to expand my wardrobe)
  • a sketch pad (so I can start with preliminary designs for my weblogs)
  • body lotion (for my dry skin, which has become more prevalent with the weather and airconditioning)
  • hydrating gel (also for my dry skin)
  • DVD+R (for backing up my pictures and other personal files)

WordPress 2.2

Just installed WordPress 2.2 and had to disable the built-in widgets since I’m using K2. Most of my plugins are working though so no problem for me. Haven’t updated my photoblog though since I’m too lazy to edit my theme so it would work with the newer WordPress. Probably, when I get some more time to actually think over a nice design and layout.

Death in the Family

My paternal grandmother passed away early this morning. She’s been bedridden for the past couple of years already so it didn’t really come as unexpected. And my grandfather passed away last year (with a weak heart caused by chemotherapy) so it was just a matter of time before she would follow. I received the news around 3am. Her body is being cremated right now.

I’m sure she’s in a better place now. What really saddens me is I can’t be there for my father and my family.

Pepper Lunch

Jf, my friend and housemate brought me to Pepper Lunch for (guess what?) lunch. I didn’t know what the whole concept of the foodstore was so I assumed that everything they served just had pepper on it. And so I was wondering a bit why all the pictures on their menu and store had raw meat and veggies.

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Missing Home

I’ve been here for three weeks already, two of which I’ve been working. So far, it’s been fun and enjoyable here. But there will always be moments that you start missing home. My mother called me the other day thanking me for the flowers I sent, asking me if I’m good, if I have everything I need. And thoughts just came racing into my head.

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Day 13

Last Friday was fun, saw most of my workmates strut their wares on the dance floor. Also, it was a chance to get to know them a bit more since it was the perfect setup for having conversation (even with the loud music). Hopefully I can talk more with them during the coming weeks, even about non-work stuff.

Yesterday was the first time I did the laundry by myself, here in SG. I did it in three batches — the darks, the lights and the whites. I’m gonna have to be doing laundry every week until I can afford to expand my wardrobe. I just brought a handful for my first month since I didn’t want to carry a lot of baggage.

Five days

Today’s our fifth day here in Singapore. I’m thinking we’ve accomplished a lot during the last four days. We’ve fixed the room, bought some furniture from Ikea to make it more cozy and functional.

My room

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