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Time is relative

I still find it weird seeing sunlight at 7 in the evening. All the while before I thought it was some sort of natural phenomenon, much like how the sun can be up in the UK in the evening. Apparently, it’s just that Singapore is using the “wrong” timezone. I’m not really complaining since at least it’s the same timezone as home.

Train Rides

I’ve always been amused with the things you get to see when riding a train. It’s interesting to see how each commuter tries to amuse him/herself. This is specially applicable to people like me who travel all the way from the heartlands. There are a lot of people who have portable game consoles (PSP, DS, etc.) There will also be people who have earphones on, listening to music (I presume) using their portable audio players or mobile phones. It’s notable though that almost half of the earphone-wearing commuters are using mobile phones to play their music, of which Nokia doesn’t have a monopoly. I’ve also noticed people who are carrying Blackberrys, looking through their email and RSS feeds. There would be a handful of people talking on their phone through the whole trip, which really says a lot about the reliability of telecoms here. I never would’ve imagined having continuous signal on an underground train. At times, there would be a couple of people using their laptops inside the train.

As for me, I amuse myself by listening to music on my mobile phone or just observing what the people around be are doing.

WordPress 2.2.1

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.2.1. It says it’s a required upgrade as it fixes several security vulnerabilities.

Office Quirks

It’s been amusing observing co-workers’ quirks. There are people who whine and complain but would stay in the office through the night and even until the morning just to finish what needs to be done. There are also people who get a little too carried away with words on e-mail. There are people who just don’t care about how their co-workers feel. There are people who are unaware of who’s doing what. Add to that the language and syntax barrier and you get a pseudo-amusement park.

And of course there would be me, enjoying the experience of all these workplace dynamics.

Safari on Windows

Finally, there’s Safari for Windows. I’ve tested it for a few sites and so far so good. The text rendering is beautiful. However, it seems to be a memory hog. Also, when trying to create a link using the visual editor of WordPress 2, it deselects the text thereby making no link at all. It’s still on Public Beta so bugs are quite expected. But at least, I don’t have to go to the neighboring Macs just to check if sites are rendering correctly on Safari.

Today is Independence Day

As long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you otherwise might.
  • Hermann Hessey

In the kitchen

After frying hotdogs, burgers and other meat during the week, I spent a greater amount of time in the kitchen for the weekend. I’ve managed to cook Jae’s adobo cream pasta. And it seems my officemates really liked it (or they were just trying to be nice to a newbie). I wasn’t able to try it with the sauce mixed with the pasta since I just cooked the pasta this morning (I forgot to buy the pasta when I went to the grocery for ingredients). After which, I just hurriedly mixed it with the sauce and packed it in a disposable microwave-safe container ’cause I was running late. I’ll try it later when I get home though.

Just a thought: I don’t know, but there’s a certain peace I feel when I’m in the kitchen. I think I might actually get used to cooking. :)

Consolidating Email

I’m in the process of consolidating all my email messages onto one Gmail account and deleting messages that I don’t actually need. This is so I’ll only be checking less accounts when reading and searching for messages. My ultimate target is that I should be left with just three email accounts to check. One for personal, another one for professional/business stuff and one for online stuff. It will be tiring to organize everything but I think it’ll be worth it in the long run.


Here in Singapore (at least in agencies) when you go on Sick Leave, you’re on MC. It comes from the abbreviation of medical certificate, which you have to present after your sick leave. And since I finally got my medical card, I can “go MC” without going through the hassle of paying then filing for reimbursement for a medical certificate. On a side note, two of our teammates are on MC, and we have a deadline for next week. This is going to be real fun.

Searching the Sappy

Not too many people know it, but I’m a sucker for alternative sappy songs (think Radiohead, Our Lady Peace, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Death Cab For Cutie, Keane, Dashboard Confessional, The Fray), at times even bordering on the emo genre. Of particular interest are those songs which have vocals and melodic music that bring out the emotions wrapped around the song’s lyrics . The ultimate effect is you can’t help but just sing along and feel the song.

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