Monthly Archive for December, 2007

2 weeks to go

And I’ll be back home.. home sweet home.. Hopefully the next two weeks would just fly by..

Waiting for the holidays to come

Did some house chores today. Washed my clothes, did a bit of fixing in the room like throwing trash. Which is something I also need to do for my computer since I think I have a lot of trash that’s taking up space. Hopefully I get to do a lot of fixing and organizing this weekend.

PS. If you have time, please vote for my band at Noise Singapore.

I got free coffee from Starbucks today

That’s all. Thank you. Haha!

Looking forward to a vacation well spent

As the title of the entry says, I am looking forward to a good vacation, a restful one. I’m gonna be away for a week and a half and somehow I should be able to recharge some lost energy with all the stress at work. I’m also looking forward to visiting my maternal grandmother’s grave to pay my respects as I was not there during her last days and her funeral. Most of all I’m looking forward to be with people I haven’t been with for the longest time, people dear to me. I really just miss everyone but I’m trying to not be sad about the whole missing thing.