Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Tracks are up

A couple of the tracks we recorded are now up on our myspace page. Woot! Go and listen :)

happy stuff

sunday, i got a lot of happy stuff. i bought myself a cordless keyboard so that i don’t get my wrists and neck too strained when using my laptop with my “big” widescreen monitor. i still have yet to replace the pen of my graphire4 so i also got myself a trackball. since i think using mice really strains my wrist and arm. the trackball seems to be promising, i am in the process of getting used to it though.

and for the special part, i got a package from my ever-loving girlfriend, who’s been real busy trying to fill up her moleskine with paint sketches. i got a sponge cola cd, 4 very cute t shirts and a couple of things for my ever dry lips. hahaha. photos after the jump

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outside looking in

outside looking in

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light grenades

Last night, I watched Incubus with a couple of my band mates. I woke up this morning with an aching body, which means it was really good and i enjoyed it. It would’ve been good if they played a couple more songs from their older albums but it was an album tour for Light Grenades so I guess they had to play more from that album. Continue reading ‘light grenades’

things i'm thankful for

not in any particular order:

  • my quirky family (without whom i wouldn’t be who and i wouldn’t be where i am now)
  • the eggz (a bunch of them will be visiting me soon)
  • my girlfriend (who will also be visiting me soon)
  • music and my band
  • friends in PH who still keep in touch
  • new friends here in SG
  • photography
  • life