Monthly Archive for June, 2008

Restful Weekends

I’ve always liked restful weekends. Sleep, walk around, shop, do the groceries, watch movies, read a book. And this weekend was just one of them. :)


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Running is probably the only “sport” I can totally relate to. It’s not that I don’t enjoy playing other sports. I also play basketball with friends among others. But there’s always a differently novelty to me that comes with running. I know it sounds kinda ironic but I think running is a calming experience. At least for me.

And so I’ve decided to participate in the Nike+ Human Race 10K. I started to “train” this morning, following some of the tips on this article to get back into running form. Hopefully, I can follow through with this and match, if not, beat my 1hr 10min 10k run 7 years ago. Or even just finish the race.


I borrowed a book from April, Diary by Chuck Palahniuk more than a couple of weeks back and I’ve read just under ten pages. Things have been quite busy with the gf moving here and with band stuff. Hopefully I get to finish it this weekend since I haven’t read a book in a long while. I always find reading books relaxing. Somehow I gain the energy I lose from all the stuff I do.

First Entry Again

Hello there. I’m still figuring this out. Meanwhile you can go to for my older entries. Good day!

Weekend Shopping

The gf moved to Singapore this weekend. And since it’s her first weekend, we spent most of it going around, watching a movie and doing a bit of shopping. We went to the PC Show to get a couple of external hard drives. I got a WD My Book Home Edition (3.5″ USB, FireWire, eSATA) for Time Machine on my MBP. She got a white WD Passport Essential (2.5″ USB) for her MB.On our way out of the PC Show we saw Dingdong Dantes as we were going down on the escalator. I muttered “Eto pala si Dingdong oh.” and I realized that I was loud when he turned to us with a puzzled look. So I just said hi and he acknowledged. Haha!