Monthly Archive for July, 2008

WordPress App on iPod Touch / iPhone

Just trying out the WordPress app on the iPod Touch. Seems to be usable enough for basic blogging purposes. You get to tag and categorize your entries. No text formatting, or image uploads though. There’s only so much you can do on a mobile device. But I think it’s a good first effort for automattic.

The Sixty One

I’ve posted some of our songs on TheSixtyOne, a relatively new music site which encourages users to listen to new music to move up the ranks. One of our songs have been steadily climbing the charts. It’s now on page 5 of the over all chart and page 2 of the rock chart. Woopee!

New Song Up

My band has a new song up on our MySpace page. It’s called “Warning Sign.” Please do check it out.

The Switch – MobileMe

I think I’m pretty much bent on getting Apple’s MobileMe once I do get an iPhone. Hopefully all the launch glitches would be ironed out once the iPhone is available here in Singapore.

I’ve tried out the Push technology for mail, calendar and contacts with an iPod Touch and I’m satisfied with how it works seamlessly across platforms (deskop app, mobile app, web app). I won’t have to worry of syncing between devices since it’s synced at one central location. And it’s an added appeal that I’ll be using very similar interfaces across all three platforms.

For the moment, I’ll try testing this setup at least for my calendar and contacts until my MobileMe trial expires.

Adobe Masters Tour Singapore

Yesterday, Adobe evangelists Rufus Deuchler, Greg Rewis and Jason Levine gave a talk about Adobe CS3 and its integrated workflow. It was a rather entlightening experience as I’ve always been a Macromedia user and now after its acquisition by Adobe, it’s great that it’s fully integrated with the Adobe products.

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The Switch – Exposé

About a month ago, I’ve decided to make the switch from Windows to OS X. So far, I’m a happy camper. I’ve been enjoying a lot of the features on OS X that I don’t find in Windows XP. Every week, I hope I can post one thing I like about OS X.

One of those features is Exposé. I usually prefer using two monitors when doing web work since I need to have several open programs. For example, I would have three browser windows, a coding window, a terminal window and an SQL window. In Windows XP, unless you have a very very big monitor, transferring information from one window to another can be quite cumbersome. Somehow, when working on my Mac, I don’t feel a deep need to have 2 monitors since I can easily sift through open windows using Exposé. It just makes the simple task of copying info from one window to another easy and fast to do.

Keystroke Launchers

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using keystroke launchers a lot. Somehow I find it more convenient in launching applications or opening folders as compared to using the Start menu on Windows or the Dock on OS X.

You simply activate it using a hotkey (I use Ctrl-Space), then type what you want to launch or run and the launcher will search all available apps or folders that match the letters you just type. For eg. I type PS for Photoshop or DW for Dreamweaver. It saves me a lot of time specially when I need to do certain things in the littlest amount of time possible.

For Windows I use Launchy, for OS X I use Quicksilver.

Touch Typing

A lot of people (the gf, my colleagues and some friends) are amused at how I can type really fast because I touch type (type without looking at the keyboard). I probably developed the skill from years of MUD and IRC. It did help me a lot in times when I needed to conjure code with a very very tight timeline. It’s also probably the reason why I love keyboard shortcuts. But I digresss.

I just read (in Wikipedia, where else?) that there are training courses for touch typing. The only training I had was my father telling me to put both my index fingers on F and J. And that is where I learned why the F and J keys had guide bumps on them. I’ve always thought that it was because it was for Fire and Jump for games. Hehe 😀 I’m probably the unconventional touch typist because I can type without looking at the keyboard but I don’t necessarily press some keys with the nearest finger. But, whatever gets the job done.