Monthly Archive for September, 2008


While I was away, I needed to do some work since my leave was abrupt and in the middle of a crucial stage of a project. I was in the hospital for most of the middle of the week and it’s a good thing I’ve set up tethering on my MacbookPro via bluetooth using my N81 before. I was also fortunate that Globe has finally decided to have an option for time-based charging when using mobile broadband which is more cost effective if you’re consuming a lot of data.

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Black Hole Sun

AJ (a.k.a. collisiontheory), a friend and former colleague of mine has decided to pursue his dream of putting his art on t-shirts. He’s currently one of five finalists in DesignByHumans’ $10k contest. If you like his design above, please do vote for him. I did.

Back in Singapore

I’ve been away from Singapore for one whole week. My father was in the ICU from Saturday evening until Thursday morning. He had to undergo an operation to address bilial blockage. According to my brother, it’s palliative (a new word I learned) so there’s still a lot of uncertainty on how his condition will go from there. Before¬†we left, he was getting stronger and was already talking. Hopefully his condition gets better and better so he’ll be up and about when we come home again for Christmas. I missed them all a lot.

Preliminary thoughts on Google Chrome

Google just released Chrome¬†(currently in BETA and for Windows only), their take on how a browser should be. They’ve based it on the paradigm that you run a lot of apps using the browser (ie. Mail, RSS, Social Media, etc.). It tries to rid you of getting a headache when you’re in the middle of something on one tab and then one site on another tab just crashes your browser (like some poorly coded flash sites).

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WordPress Updated

Just updated WordPress to 2.6.1