Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Nokia Sports Tracker

I’ve always wanted to get Nike+ before so I can be a bit more serious about running by keeping track of my runs. Apparently, my phone has a pre installed Sports Tracker and I tried it out this morning.  And according to it, I ran some 2.28km today.

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Google DevFest Singapore

I was at the Google DevFest Asia in Singapore yesterday. Overall, I learned a lot, although it might take a while for me to process everything since there were a lot of topics covered.

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Mobile Apps

Since I’ve been on my E71 a lot more. Here’s some apps that I frequently use on it.

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Keeping my devices in sync

Lately, I’ve been using my E71 more than my computer — to organize my calendar, read emails, make quick replies, update contact info. And with iSync I’ve been able to keep the info between my computer and mobile phone synchronized.

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Missing my Dad

It’s been about a month since my Dad passed away and this morning I just missed him — his texts from time to time how I’m doing here and how he always liked the food in Newton Circus, which sadly I have never been to. I was wishing I could still text him about my rockstar moment yesterday. I miss him terribly.

Apple introduces new Macbooks

Apple released their new notebook line today. They’re really pretty but I still love my MacBook Pro. If I were to purchase a notebook now I might actually go with the high end MacBook instead of the MacBook Pro since it would be able to support most of my graphic needs already. Then I’d probably get an iMac for running more graphic intensive apps at home.

The new MacBook is also a very good alternative to those who might want a MacBook Air just for its looks but still want more power and an integrated optical drive. It’s relatively lighter now compared to the previous MacBook, from 5.0 to 4.5 lbs. Although I’m not sure if that’s noticable.

The things I don’t like about the new MacBook Pros is there’s no option for a non-glossy screen and I still have to get used to using a chiclet style keyboard.

One Republic’s Apologize (cover by EN-X)

My band’s rendition of One Republic’s Apologize. Enjoy. Hehe =)

More IMAP controls in Gmail

Gmail finally has more IMAP controls. You can now select if a label is visible in IMAP, which means I’ll get more accurate and real-time unread counts in since I can switch off the All Mail label on IMAP. Also you can set it to automatically put in Trash what was deleted from an IMAP folder rather than move it to All Mail, which will work better when I delete messages thru my phone. Sweet!

I wonder when Gmail Labs would be available on Google Apps for Domains though.

Why I didn’t get an iPhone

A few months back I almost wanted an iPhone. I was really dead set on getting one. But after reading all the reviews about another phone, the Nokia E71, I decided not to get an iPhone.  This is even if I’ve experienced first hand how intuitive and easy to use its UI is, since I have an iPod Touch. There are just some things the iPhone doesn’t have that I needed on a “phone.” And so I will enumerate those things: Continue reading ‘Why I didn’t get an iPhone’

And So September Ends

Last month was quite eventful and exhausting. We had to travel to Manila twice. The first time was when my father was in the ICU. The second was to pay my last respects. After a couple of months of enduring different procedures, my father passed away September 21. It was a painful and enlightening ordeal. But I’m sure he’s happy up there. We love you dad.