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Testing post via e-mail

Hello world.

Sent from my mobile device.

Browser Stats

With the above, I’m assuming most of my visitors are net savvy since more than half use Firefox. Chrome even comes to a close third. I’m amused.

Typing and Coding

After reading We Are Typist First, Programmers Second, I tried the same test the author used and I got the following:

I tried 5 times just to be sure and my results hovered around +/- 3 of the above. Jeff Atwood does have a valid point that typing is a core programming discipline since you really have to type a lot of not just code but at some point documentation, specifications and emails about what you just made, among other stuff. I also like to code and test something I thought about rather than just write the idea of it then type later. Being able to type relatively fast helps me to be able to maintain that train of thought while trying to address a problem.

Revisiting Akismet and comment spam

After consolidating my email to one account, I discovered that I’m still getting a lot of email from my older blogs regarding new comments on my entries. Comments which are mostly spam. So I tried to check what anti-spam plugins I have installed on those blogs. One still had the now “discontinued” Spam Karma, the other had a very old version of Akismet. The reason why I had Spam Karma on one of my blogs was because Akismet just couldn’t handle all the spam even if my blog is remotely popular. So I updated both blogs to use the latest version of Akismet since I’m satisfied with how it is handling spam on this blog. So far, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, filter the usual casino and viagra comment/trackback spam. Akismet seems to have improved a lot overall since it’s first incarnation as a plugin packaged with WordPress.

Simplifying my email

After reading this post, I’ve decided to finally consolidate all my email onto one account at a new Google Apps domain. At the same time it gave me an opportunity to shorten and simplify my email address so it’s easy enough to prounounce and spell. Apparently, after a handful of experiences calling for food delivery here in Singapore, my last name is not easily recognizable. Thus, the vanity email I currently use would ultimately be hard to relay on the phone. From the same post, I got an idea of how to avoid some of the pitfalls of having a hard-to-pronounce name. Excluding the .com part, he was able to shorten his original domain name, which was his first and last name similar to my domain, from 14 to 4 characters. So i’ve shortened mine from 9 to 6. It’s easier to relay a 6 character domain name than 9, specially if you have to keep repeating letters because the one you’re talking to just isn’t getting what you’re saying. Now, it’s also easier to write on paper based forms, like bank and insurance forms.

More fonts for the web

W3C has started a discussion on a Font Working Group so that a format can be adopted for embedding fonts  in xHTML pages. This is a welcome development for web professionals who’ve always wanted to use fonts other than Arial, Verdana, Georgia, et. al. for content without having to resort to Flash (or Silverlight for that matter).

via Jeffrey Zeldman

Pearl PowerShifter Eliminator

I was contemplating on getting the Pearl Eliminator or the Iron Cobras. Although most people might prefer the Iron Cobras because they feel good out of the box, I ultimately decided on getting the Pearl because it is more customizable. Being the geek that I am, I like tweaking stuff. Moreover, my drumming style is still evolving so I thought it would be best to get a pedal that can adapt with my style in the long run. Besides, before moving here I’ve been using a Pearl drum kit back home. And while researching on both pedals, I remembered how I love Pearl hardware for having both beauty and function.

Some of the things I can customize are:

  • beater angle
  • beater type
  • foot board angle/height
  • cam (I have yet to decide which cam to use)
  • option to switch to belt type

Street Noise

Yesterday, we had a gig at Orchard Cineleisure for Noise Singapore. The setup was rather unfamiliar to me since there wasn’t a stage. Sure, I’ve performed without a stage but it wasn’t a full band setup — acoustic gigs. The only one that had a platform was me, the drummer. Everyone else was on the same level the people were — on the street. Despite the technical glitches with the wirings I think we sounded great for the most part (from my monitor speaker that is). It was a rather refreshing experience creating music for passersby. I think I’d want to do something like that again.

I actually didn’t know we can be heard from Orchard Road. I hope the people who got a listen to our music enjoyed what they heard.

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