Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Another reason why I love my E71

I wrote before why I got an E71 and not an iPhone, after a few more months of using it, I’ve grown to love it even more. Since I go back to Manila around twice a year I usually switch my SIM cards, putting Globe on my primary phone when I’m in the Philippines. The E71 seems to know which SIM card I have on and automatically has all the settings for mobile Internet and MMS. I don’t have to request for the settings or enter them manually. The configuration settings are probably stored on the SIM card and the E71 just automatically retrieves it so I don’t have too many access point settings on my phone.

It’s Christmas

The cold air at night. Eating, laughing, staying up late. Catching up with friends. Being with family. Just the way I wanted to spend Christmas. 

I’m just glad to be home.

Revisiting Google Chrome

Google Chrome has recently taken off the “beta” label. After installing it and using it for quite some time, I’ve began to really like it so much that it has replaced Firefox as the browser I use for web surfing (I still use Firefox + Firebug when doing web development).  It’s fast, responsive and doesn’t show any signs of sluggishness even if  there’s more than 20 tabs open. Tab management is also intuitive, it’s easy to merge tabs or separate them into different windows. It also supports native drag and drop for file upload fields, something I’d like to be native in Firefox since the dragdropupload plugin can be wonky at times. 

I wonder when will the OS X version come out.

Apple Keyboard

Finally got myself an apple keyboard so I can use my underutilized external monitor with my MBP’s lid closed (I only learned I could a couple of days ago, goes to show how much of a n00b i still am in the Mac world).

As for first impressions, the keys are light to the touch but still responsive enough for touch typing, which is good for people (like me) who are having RSI or CTS. It is a whole lot better than the keyboard I use in the office which is a generic one that comes with Dell Vostro machines. I think I’m gonna enjoy coding with it and one more reason for me to develop a blogging/writing habit.  It even looks good with my E71.

Dropbox link being considered Spam?

It seems Dropbox links are now being used for spam purposes. A couple of days ago, I was wondering why Google Apps’ Gmail keeps on rejecting every message I send with a Dropbox link. So I tried to shorten it with and my message went through. However, today I got the following message while trying to shorten another Dropbox link:

Sorry, the URL you entered may be linked to spamming and is listed either in the SURBL or URIBL lists. To prevent the possibility of using this site to facilitate spam, it has not been added to our database.

Please bear in mind that use of this service for spam purposes is prohibited (see terms and conditions) and any such URLs will be disabled, and misuse reported to the relevant authorities. I wonder if other Dropbox users are experiencing related issues.

Gmail has Tasks

Gmail recently released Tasks in Labs. It seems to be usable enough. I have yet to judge though if it’ll be something useful for my quest for efficiency and producticity. Haha 😉

Keeping Google Calendar, iCal and my E71 in sync

After simplifying my email, the next task I needed to do to have a more organized life is to have a calendar I can view and edit on any device I’m on (mobile, notebook, office computer). Since I moved all my email to a Google App domain, might as well use the calendar that came with it. Luckily, Google Calendar now supports Apple iCal, so it was rather straightforward to have iCal and my Google Calendar synced. I just needed to run Calaboration once to automatically setup my calendar on iCal. Once it was done, sync was done OTA. iCal basically works now as an interface to Google Calendar. The downside to this is you need to keep iCal open if you want to make sure your calendar is always syncronized.

As for sync with my E71, I signed up for GooSync to sync with Google Calendar so I can sync anytime, anywhere. I hope there’s some way to make it automatic though. Previously, I used iSync through Bluetooth to sync my E71 and iCal. Now, the only thing I use iSync for is my contacts which doesn’t really change as often as the calendar.

Update: Since Google already supports Exchange via Google Sync, there’s no more need to use a third-party service (GooSync). It would be easier to just sync the E71 via Mail for Exchange. Google has setup instructions for Nokia S60 devices. If you’re using Google Apps, you need to enable mobile sync for your domain via the control panel.

If you don’t like keeping iCal open (like me) and you don’t mind spending, Spanning Sync is a great way to synchronize iCal/Address Book and Google Calendar/Contacts.