Monthly Archive for January, 2009

Things I want to accomplish this year

Since it’s still the first month. I think it’s not too late for me to list down several things I want to do this year. So here goes my list, in no particular order:

  • read at least one book per month (the first book I’m reading right now is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell)
  • learn a couple of new languages (I’m leaning towards Objective-C and Python)
  • create and develop a web or mobile app or both
  • have more mastery of frameworks (MVC, JS and CMS among others)
  • travel to some place we‘ve never been
  • capture more moments through photography
  • grow and expand the business I setup with a college friend several years ago
  • take my mom on a vacation
  • write more
  • talk more
  • have more structure in saving for the future
  • have more days doing none-tech stuff
  • have more initiative and be more pro-active at pushing great ideas into fruition in the workplace
It’s still a partial list from the top of my head. I might add or delete some as time goes by. So I’ll just edit this entry from time to time.

Gmail Labs Send + Archive

Something new to help keep my Inbox clean. Gmail Labs’ Send + Archive. It’s useful for me since I Archive most of my email once I’ve responded to them so I can always have an overview on my Inbox which stuff I still have to attend to. Now I only have to click once to do so.

The Year That Was (Part 2)

And so enough about technology and on to more personal stuff for the second part of my year end entry.


Probably the biggest thing that happened to me personally was the loss of our father. It was quite sudden and untimely. He was only 57. Even if I always exude an aura that I’m fine, I know that I’m still hurting, grieving and recovering from the loss. All of us in the family are. We’re all just trying to be strong for each other. Because, being the always jolly and smiling person that Dad is, he would’ve wanted that we celebrate the life he lived.

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The Year That Was (Part 1)

I’ve decided to make my year ender post two parts. Part one would focus more on my brushes with technology for the year that passed. Second part would focus more on personal events and realizations. So here goes..

Hello Apple

2008 is the year I became part of the cult of Mac. I was always intrigued by the Apple experience. I’ve been hearing a lot how intuitive and easy to use Apple’s products are especially when my girlfriend got a MacBook a couple of years back.

Come April 2008, I got a taste of the Apple experience when my colleagues got me an iPod Touch as a farewell gift. The user experience was just beautiful and refined. Having gotten a taste of Apple’s definition of intuitive and easy to use; and knowing how easy it is to run Windows through BootCamp or virtualization, I was totally convinced that my next portable would be a Mac. And a MacBook Pro it was specifically.

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Hello 2009

Happy new year everyone! I’m still working on my twin year-ender posts, hopefully I’ll finish them up by this week cause next week’s really gonna be a tad too late I think.