The Year That Was (Part 2)

And so enough about technology and on to more personal stuff for the second part of my year end entry.


Probably the biggest thing that happened to me personally was the loss of our father. It was quite sudden and untimely. He was only 57. Even if I always exude an aura that I’m fine, I know that I’m still hurting, grieving and recovering from the loss. All of us in the family are. We’re all just trying to be strong for each other. Because, being the always jolly and smiling person that Dad is, he would’ve wanted that we celebrate the life he lived.

I was amazed at the wake with how many people came and the words they shared about my father. I was particularly moved by one person from the military or was it the navy about how my father’s text message was the only one that got through when they were in combat in Mindanao. He held on to that message during the whole ordeal and that person and his men survived. Knowing how good military men can hold their composure, I felt how meaninful it was to him because he was moved to tears while relating the story. The text message was a prayer/blessing and it went something like below:

The Lord bless u and keep u. The Lord let His face shine on u and be gracious to u. The Lord lift up his countenance upon u & give u peace.
I believe my father has touched many lives in his lifetime and I hope I could touch as many lives or even more than he did.


It was a year of transitions for me. I switched jobs in April, and it was a bit overwhelming at first how much technological freedom I had in discharging my duties. We can actually refuse jobs if I don’t feel competent enough with their chosen platform. Always trying to be resourceful at work for the most of my worklife, this is probably the year wherein I was able to say more “no”s when it came to work stuff without feeling uncomfortable.

The gf also moved here late June to look for a job and of course so we can be together since the distance have put a strain in our relationship. It was quite difficult at first since I’ve always had a world of my own being the introvert that I am. But, I think we’ve both been able to adapt ourselves with the whole setup and that we’ve grown and learned a lot. And I’d like to believe that in our five years being together this is probably our happiest year yet.


I would like to think that 2008 was the year I’ve grown a lot musically. I started practicing more to a metronome, learning the rudiments and improving on technique. My drumming style has always been by feel and improvisational. I try to catch a groove and maintain it, inserting some fills here and there. My preference leans more on funk, jazz and more syncopated styles so it was a real challenge trying to play straight 4/4 beats that a handful of the bands songs have.  But I’d like to think I’m improving everyday.

I experienced and was inspired by a lot of great music acts that came to Singapore this year — Switchfoot, Sondre Lerche, IncubusLifehouse and Death Cab For Cutie. The nice thing about Singapore venues is that it feels a bit more intimate since you get to be a lot nearer the stage compared to say Araneta Coliseum.

Missing Manila

It has also been a year that I really missed my family in Manila. And I’m grateful we spent a whole lot of time when we went to the province for 4 days. I missed bonding with my brothers and my mother. It was good to have been able to catch up with everyone’s lives.

It’s been a good year and I’m grateful for everyone I met, everything I learned along the way. I hope and pray that 2009 would even be better.

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  • Hi! From a Fellow Calendar Blogger *July* to Another! Saying Hi and just popping by to visit your blog! So, till we meet for the 2010 Calendar… Have a great year ahead! :)

  • @Pamela thanks for dropping by. Have a great year ahead as well :)

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