Reading Malcolm Gladwell

One of the things I wanted to do this year is to read at least one book a month. So far I’ve read two books and about to finish another. All of them by Malcolm Gladwell. I first read his latest book — “Outliers,” which illustrates that circumstances are as important as effort in being the best or successful at something. Then I read the one before that — “Blink,” which explores how sometimes quick decisions can be better than pre-mediated ones, that we are much smarter than we think we are. Now I’m reading and about to finish his first — “The Tipping Point“,  which tries to explain the factors that can make ideas, news, trends, etc.  become an epidemic. I like the way he writes — very observant. I think it’s similar to how I think, how I take in experiences and process them. Sometimes though I hope I can explain things the way I process them.

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  • Albert Balbutin Jr.

    Hey good job on reading at least one book per month. Im sure it is possible to read 1 book per week. Then again, we don’t have that much time in our working lives right?

    And I loved “The Tipping Point.” Gladwell illustrates the notion of how human beings overlook the possibilities and the impacts of the “little things.” Especially the notion of geometric progression. If you think about it, that’s how nature works. And we as human beings should start thinking that way too. Thanks for the post!

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