Having Fun with Mobile Apps

A week with the iPhone and I’ve already downloaded quite a number of apps, and I’m really enjoying using them. I’ve also started to use apps that I’ve only used sparingly on the iPod Touch since it doesn’t have an always on connection.

I’ve downloaded photo apps like Postage (which has a lot of beautiful postcard designs), Camera Kit (which adds a lot more character to your regular mobile photo) and Polarize (for making Polaroid out of your photos).

With an always on connection, Instapaper, NetNewsWire and Tumblr are slowly easing their way into my daily routine.

I also got Birdfeed and BeejiveIM for communication purposes. BeejiveIM (pronounced beehive) is becoming one of my favorites. It just makes communicating with friends and family easier and a little beat cheaper. The push notification feature just works so well.

It’s only been a week and I think I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of iPhone apps. There’s just a whole plethora of apps for almost everything you want to do on the iPhone and I’m glad I jumped on the bandwagon.

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