Monthly Archive for August, 2009

Choosy — my new default browser

Being a web developer, I work with quite a number of web browsers. It’s been a challenging task trying to load links directly on the browser I want without having to copy a link first somewhere then paste that link on the browser I wanted it to open in.

Choosy does a wonderful job of opening links the way I want them opened. The default behavior is that it lets you choose which browser to open any link your’re trying to launch. But the real beauty is the wide variety of customizations you can do. Behavior can be modified based on several conditions like the following:

  • web address (eg. all links that start with opens in WebKit)
  • the application where the link is being opened from (eg. all links from Tweetie open in WebKit)
  • number of running browsers (eg. if 2 browsers are open then open link in Firefox)
  • the modifier key you’re pressing (eg. Command-Shift-Click can automatically open links in Firefox)
Plus, a whole lot of other combinations. Still exploring the other customizations but this will definitely improve my workflow.

Keeping Passwords Safe

With age, our ability to remember things declines. So I’ve finally decided to use a Password manager, specifically 1Password both the Mac and iPhone version. Currently, there’s a 20% discount if you go via Steel until 31 August 2009. So I decided to just purchase it even before the 30 day trial ended.

Now I can start using harder to break passwords and not have to remember every one of them. All I need to remember now for the most part is 2 long passwords (or one if I use the same for the Mac and iPhone) and a 4 digit code. Another thing I especially like is being able to store credit card info protected by a password. No need to pull out my credit card from my wallet if I’m doing online transactions (well for those that don’t support Paypal, like online food delivery).

Software I Use (A Lot)

After being a Mac user for more than a year, I’ve already developed workflows on how I do things on a mac settled in on the software that I use on a regular basis. Below is that list divided into those that I use daily and those that I use at least every couple of days.


  • Adium – for instant messaging
  • BackBlaze – for continuous daily backups
  • Caffeine – for preventing the Mac from sleeping
  • Firefox 3.5 + Firebug 1.5 – for web development and checking how sites were built(still haven’t gotten used to WebKit’s inspector)
  • Gmail (via Fluid) – for well, email
  • iTunes – for playing music and syncing podcasts to the iPhone
  • Quicksilver – for launching programs via the keyboard
  • Terminal – for doing some command line magic
  • TextMate – for typing, viewing, editing text/code
  • Tweetie – for tweeting (one of my favorite desktop twitter clients)
  • WebKit Nightly – for regular browsing
Every few days
  • Acorn – for ocassional image editing
  • BetterZip – for zipping files, specially for sending to non-Mac users.
  • CSSEdit – for projects where i need to develop a lot of CSS, otherwise I’d do everything in TextMate
  • Dropbox – for sending/sharing and syncing files
  • Grabup – for quick sending of screenshots
  • iCal/Address Book – for scheduling and keeping tabs on contacts (now trying out syncing with Google Calendar and Google Contacts via SpanningSync)
  • MAMP – for web development since I had one project that needed GD
  • NetNewsWire – for reading feeds
  • Time Machine – for regular backups
  • Transmit – for file transfers (FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3)
  • VLC – for playing media files
  • VMWare Fusion – for running stuff on Windows
  • Yojimbo – for keeping passwords mostly, sometimes a few notes
Next post would be what I use on the iPhone since I’ve been using it for exactly a month already.


I seem to be posting more frequently on Tumblr. But, I’ll try to post here when I do have longer posts in mind.