Monthly Archive for January, 2010

The iPad

Apple just announced its tablet device, the iPad.

I want one.

Moving things around

I’ve finally moved my main blog from to Previous entries from have also been imported into this one. After a month or two, I’ll probably drop the redirects from to so I can start using for my little web ideas and experiments.

I’ve also gotten myself a Linode box to play around with since I’ve decided to wean away from using just PHP. Right now, I’ve set up nginx as the main web server since it seems to be the best one to use for my purposes. The setup should let me easily play interchangeably with PHP, Python (Django) and Ruby (Rails).

I’m hoping to document here the things I learn from all the playing around since I intend to have this blog focus more on my thoughts about software, development and technology. Personal and non-techie posts for the most part would go to my tumblog if you’re into that sort of thing. Finally, follow me on Twitter if you like.


Finally, got to register after waiting year after year (since 2004) for the previous owner not to renew it since it was never really used. However, I’m still undecided on what to do with it. I might move this blog to and just use this domain ( for a personal url shortening service or to host other web apps. We’ll see.