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Christmas in August

We finally have an iPad and an iPhone 4. The 3GS now goes to the lovely wife with a very apt case. Since we’re both using iPhones now, SMS has become a lot more fun with the Emoji icons. Also, it’s easier to tell her about apps that run on iPhones since she can install them as opposed to before when her only way to access iOS apps was via a first generation iPod touch. That iPod touch will now be turned into a development device, specially useful when I need to test on slower devices and iOS3.

The first thing that I think anyone would instantly notice about the iPhone 4 is that the Retina Display is just so clear. Everything looks sharp. Just one glance you’ll easily see which apps have not updated their graphics for the Retina Display. There’s also a different feel to it compared to the 3GS and I have yet to settle on a way to hold it. As for the iPad, after trying out Universal apps that I already own, the increased real estate really does open up a lot of possibilities for creating usable and intuitive interfaces. It pretty much dispels, at least for me, most people’s initial notion that it’s just a big iPhone or iPod touch. Also, I didn’t have too much problems typing on it. But, probably that’s because I’m a touch typist.

Anyway, I’ll probably be writing more about the iPad and iPhone 4 once I’ve had more time playing with them. So far, I’m enjoying every bit of it.

New MobileMe Navigation

I really like the new MobileMe navigation. It’s accessible via a keyboard shortcut (Shift-Esc) and the “switcher” also adapts to the size of the window. Now, this is starting to get me really interested about this SproutCore thing.

iPhone 4 + WWDC2010

Coming here in Singapore in July and there’s no doubt we’re getting one each.

Things I like on the new device:

  • Retina Display — no more pixels
  • Better camera w/ LED flash — would really make it the best camera I’ll carry everyday
  • FaceTime
  • It’s thinner than the 3GS and a lot more compact
  • iOS 4 — I’ve been using it for a few days, and I really like the subtle improvements they’ve made in the OS. And once apps start supporting multi-tasking, everything will be a seamless experience.
There’s also news on the developer front:
  • a new version of Xcode — which from Twitter chatter seems to be quite an awesome release
  • Safari 5, now with Extensions — Apple’s really betting on HTML5 and the whole web stack (HTML, CSS, JS) with this release
Next year, I hope to be there for WWDC when the new iPhone is announced.

Steve Jobs on Flash

Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind.

A new era of computing

After seeing all the reviews, videos, anecdotes and screenshots of what is possible on the iPad, I’m really excited to get my hands on one, start imagining, and eventually developing apps (web and native) for it. There’s just so much stuff that can be done on a device as intimate as the iPad. I think it’s finally something I could give my mother so she’ll have a better sense of what the Internet is and the stuff I create on it.

The iPad

Apple just announced its tablet device, the iPad.

I want one.

Snow Leopard Coming In September

Apple unveiled OS X Snow Leopard at WWDC’s Keynote and I’m excited mostly because of the following features:

  • Smaller footprint (6GB less space used) – more space for my VMs
  • 64-bit system applications + Grand Central Dispatch – faster navigation around the OS
  • Exposé Integration – clicking and holding onto an application’s dock icon shows the screenshots of its open windows
  • Enhanced Finder and Dock
  • Redesigned Services menu
  • Faster Wake Up and Shutdown
  • More reliable Disk Eject
  • Split-pane Terminal
(via TUAW)

Safari 4 Beta – First Impressions

  • I like the new tab management, i.e. tabs on top, drag and drop and no more title bar. It’s more intuitive and reminds me of another Webkit browser — Google Chrome.
  • The address bar (or address field) is smarter now, reminiscent of Firefox’s awesome bar.
  • Top Sites which displays screenshots of your frequently used shots when opening a new tab is nifty and reminds again of Chrome. Safari4 just makes it prettier with the perspective and shadows and black background. Although I think Opera was the first to have that thumbnail grid interface.
  • Just like Firefox, it now has full-page zoom, but it seems to be slow when rendering a zoom in. I tested it on Safari’s feature page and there’s some kind of lag when zooming in.
  • On OS X, it now natively supports Ctrl+Tab when switching tabs.
  • There’s  cover flow for bookmarks and history, which I think is a nice way of trying to find something you’ve visited specially if all you have is a visual memory of how the site looked like rather than keywords.
  • It’s supposed to have better developer tools although I have yet to explore them, although looking from the feature list it’s almost everything Firefox+Firebug can do .
  • I still need to run the sites I usually more to see if it can actually be my main browser on OS X as Google Chrome is still nowhere near available. But, overall it’s a refreshing experience.

Apple Keyboard

Finally got myself an apple keyboard so I can use my underutilized external monitor with my MBP’s lid closed (I only learned I could a couple of days ago, goes to show how much of a n00b i still am in the Mac world).

As for first impressions, the keys are light to the touch but still responsive enough for touch typing, which is good for people (like me) who are having RSI or CTS. It is a whole lot better than the keyboard I use in the office which is a generic one that comes with Dell Vostro machines. I think I’m gonna enjoy coding with it and one more reason for me to develop a blogging/writing habit.  It even looks good with my E71.