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Train Rides

I’ve always been amused with the things you get to see when riding a train. It’s interesting to see how each commuter tries to amuse him/herself. This is specially applicable to people like me who travel all the way from the heartlands. There are a lot of people who have portable game consoles (PSP, DS, etc.) There will also be people who have earphones on, listening to music (I presume) using their portable audio players or mobile phones. It’s notable though that almost half of the earphone-wearing commuters are using mobile phones to play their music, of which Nokia doesn’t have a monopoly. I’ve also noticed people who are carrying Blackberrys, looking through their email and RSS feeds. There would be a handful of people talking on their phone through the whole trip, which really says a lot about the reliability of telecoms here. I never would’ve imagined having continuous signal on an underground train. At times, there would be a couple of people using their laptops inside the train.

As for me, I amuse myself by listening to music on my mobile phone or just observing what the people around be are doing.