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Weekend Shopping

The gf moved to Singapore this weekend. And since it’s her first weekend, we spent most of it going around, watching a movie and doing a bit of shopping. We went to the PC Show to get a couple of external hard drives. I got a WD My Book Home Edition (3.5″ USB, FireWire, eSATA) for Time Machine on my MBP. She got a white WD Passport Essential (2.5″ USB) for her MB.On our way out of the PC Show we saw Dingdong Dantes as we were going down on the escalator. I muttered “Eto pala si Dingdong oh.” and I realized that I was loud when he turned to us with a puzzled look. So I just said hi and he acknowledged. Haha!

Happy Mothers' Day



April was a month I got a lot of loving. My girlfriend came here to visit me on my birthday. We spent a lot of time together eating and just plain fooling around, things we’ve been missing a lot. She gave me a Moleskine and a Wacom Bamboo. My mom and brother called to greet me on my birthday. (Which reminds me, Mom’s day is around the corner, still thinking what to get my mom) And my bandmates surprised me the day before my birthday, complete with confetti and cake. My sincerest gratitude goes to everyone who remembered :)

April was also the month I changed jobs. My colleagues were all so sweet and got me a nifty farewell gift, an iPod Touch. I was really quite surprised they got me something. I thought the cake was already it. Haha!


My new workmates are a fun bunch and I’m starting to really like working there. It’s such a warm and fuzzy feeling being back in the wonderful and exciting world of startups. And it’s great that I get to talk technology and all those geek stuff to enlighten people who aren’t as geeky as me but are also interested in knowing how things work.

Part of my life goals is to get to do stuff related to technology and music. Right now I am getting pretty much that with my new job and my band.

It’s so nice to be surrounded by such wonderful people, considering I’m not really the friendly, talk to anyone type.

Life is good.

Tracks are up

A couple of the tracks we recorded are now up on our myspace page. Woot! Go and listen :)

happy stuff

sunday, i got a lot of happy stuff. i bought myself a cordless keyboard so that i don’t get my wrists and neck too strained when using my laptop with my “big” widescreen monitor. i still have yet to replace the pen of my graphire4 so i also got myself a trackball. since i think using mice really strains my wrist and arm. the trackball seems to be promising, i am in the process of getting used to it though.

and for the special part, i got a package from my ever-loving girlfriend, who’s been real busy trying to fill up her moleskine with paint sketches. i got a sponge cola cd, 4 very cute t shirts and a couple of things for my ever dry lips. hahaha. photos after the jump

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light grenades

Last night, I watched Incubus with a couple of my band mates. I woke up this morning with an aching body, which means it was really good and i enjoyed it. It would’ve been good if they played a couple more songs from their older albums but it was an album tour for Light Grenades so I guess they had to play more from that album. Continue reading ‘light grenades’

2 weeks to go

And I’ll be back home.. home sweet home.. Hopefully the next two weeks would just fly by..

Waiting for the holidays to come

Did some house chores today. Washed my clothes, did a bit of fixing in the room like throwing trash. Which is something I also need to do for my computer since I think I have a lot of trash that’s taking up space. Hopefully I get to do a lot of fixing and organizing this weekend.

PS. If you have time, please vote for my band at Noise Singapore.

Looking forward to a vacation well spent

As the title of the entry says, I am looking forward to a good vacation, a restful one. I’m gonna be away for a week and a half and somehow I should be able to recharge some lost energy with all the stress at work. I’m also looking forward to visiting my maternal grandmother’s grave to pay my respects as I was not there during her last days and her funeral. Most of all I’m looking forward to be with people I haven’t been with for the longest time, people dear to me. I really just miss everyone but I’m trying to not be sad about the whole missing thing.

So Happening

A lot of wonderful things have been happening in my life that I really forgot about and neglected this space. I’ve actually learned a lot of things along the way. Continue reading ‘So Happening’