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Superdog - Hand-grilled Burgers and Hotdogs

I don’t know but their tagline just sounds so funny to me. Can anybody enlighten me if there’s really such a term as hand-grilled? Cause I’m thinking you don’t use your hands grilling food the way you do when making “handmade” stuff. But, what do I know about cooking? Haha!

In the kitchen

After frying hotdogs, burgers and other meat during the week, I spent a greater amount of time in the kitchen for the weekend. I’ve managed to cook Jae’s adobo cream pasta. And it seems my officemates really liked it (or they were just trying to be nice to a newbie). I wasn’t able to try it with the sauce mixed with the pasta since I just cooked the pasta this morning (I forgot to buy the pasta when I went to the grocery for ingredients). After which, I just hurriedly mixed it with the sauce and packed it in a disposable microwave-safe container ’cause I was running late. I’ll try it later when I get home though.

Just a thought: I don’t know, but there’s a certain peace I feel when I’m in the kitchen. I think I might actually get used to cooking. :)

Pepper Lunch

Jf, my friend and housemate brought me to Pepper Lunch for (guess what?) lunch. I didn’t know what the whole concept of the foodstore was so I assumed that everything they served just had pepper on it. And so I was wondering a bit why all the pictures on their menu and store had raw meat and veggies.

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