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I’ve read a lot about Radio┬ábefore but never really got around to using it. I was just content with being able to keep track of the songs I play (on iTunes or my iPod) and recommend me things I might like. Today however, I decided to try and play my radio station since I forgot to charge my iPod. Right from the first couple of sings it played, it seemed like my whole library is actually online. And everything it’s playing is a song that I like. It’s a good thing “broadband” here in Singapore is really broadband so I can practically have non-stop music now based on my musicial preference.

Pearl PowerShifter Eliminator

I was contemplating on getting the Pearl Eliminator or the Iron Cobras. Although most people might prefer the Iron Cobras because they feel good out of the box, I ultimately decided on getting the Pearl because it is more customizable. Being the geek that I am, I like tweaking stuff. Moreover, my drumming style is still evolving so I thought it would be best to get a pedal that can adapt with my style in the long run. Besides, before moving here I’ve been using a Pearl drum kit back home. And while researching on both pedals, I remembered how I love Pearl hardware for having both beauty and function.

Some of the things I can customize are:

  • beater angle
  • beater type
  • foot board angle/height
  • cam (I have yet to decide which cam to use)
  • option to switch to belt type

Street Noise

Yesterday, we had a gig at Orchard Cineleisure for Noise Singapore. The setup was rather unfamiliar to me since there wasn’t a stage. Sure, I’ve performed without a stage but it wasn’t a full band setup — acoustic gigs. The only one that had a platform was me, the drummer. Everyone else was on the same level the people were — on the street. Despite the technical glitches with the wirings I think we sounded great for the most part (from my monitor speaker that is). It was a rather refreshing experience creating music for passersby. I think I’d want to do something like that again.

I actually didn’t know we can be heard from Orchard Road. I hope the people who got a listen to our music enjoyed what they heard.

One Republic’s Apologize (cover by EN-X)

My band’s rendition of One Republic’s Apologize. Enjoy. Hehe =)

Death Cab For Cutie

Last night, Death Cab For Cutie played at the Esplanade here in Singapore. I’m not really a very big fan of theirs but I just wanted to see them live since they were coming. And they sounded as good live as on record, might even be better. I guess it also helped that the Concert Hall’s acoustics are very good. Ben’s voice was consistent all throughout, it didn’t crackle or give up even with Transatlanticism as their finale. I’ve recorded some videos on my mobile phone, but I’m more interested in just ripping the audio (when I find software for doing so on OS X). Overall, I think it was a good concert. They did not disappoint.

The Sixty One

I’ve posted some of our songs on TheSixtyOne, a relatively new music site which encourages users to listen to new music to move up the ranks. One of our songs have been steadily climbing the charts. It’s now on page 5 of the over all chart and page 2 of the rock chart. Woopee!

New Song Up

My band has a new song up on our MySpace page. It’s called “Warning Sign.” Please do check it out.

Music + Tech

I’ve been geeking out a lot lately. Installing and trying out web apps on my phone. Right now, I’m typing this on my iPod Touch. I’ve also been watching a lot of geeky podcasts like diggnation, geekbrieftv, tekzilla, mahalodaily, twit, etc.

Drum training’s been going well also. I’ve had 3 lessons already and I’m learning quite a lot about consistency, finger techniques, rudiments, accents, taps, true 16 beat, etc. This is my first foray into getting some kind of formal drum training. I even got myself a 6 inch practice pad so I can practice my rudiments anywhere. Haha.

Tracks are up

A couple of the tracks we recorded are now up on our myspace page. Woot! Go and listen :)

light grenades

Last night, I watched Incubus with a couple of my band mates. I woke up this morning with an aching body, which means it was really good and i enjoyed it. It would’ve been good if they played a couple more songs from their older albums but it was an album tour for Light Grenades so I guess they had to play more from that album. Continue reading ‘light grenades’