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Today is Independence Day

As long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you otherwise might.
  • Hermann Hessey

WordPress 2.2

Just installed WordPress 2.2 and had to disable the built-in widgets since I’m using K2. Most of my plugins are working though so no problem for me. Haven’t updated my photoblog though since I’m too lazy to edit my theme so it would work with the newer WordPress. Probably, when I get some more time to actually think over a nice design and layout.

Last week

This week’s gonna be my last week week at my current job. I’m hoping it will be a smooth one so I can easily start preparing for my next job. Good luck to me.

Today I'm 26

I’ve turned a year older again. It looks to be another exciting year for me. There are a lot of challenges ahead and I hope I can respond well.

Filipino IT workers or IT workers in the Philippines?

Filipino IT workers are lowest-paid in Asia Pacific–survey is an example of a badly constructed headline in my opinion. It should’ve said something like IT workers in the Philippines or Philippine-based IT workers, but not Filipino IT workers, since there are a lot of Filipino IT workers in Asia Pacific specially in Singapore. And I don’t think they’re paid low at all. And the headline can be taken to mean the wrong way that Filipino IT workers are paid less because they’re Filipino not because of the state of the local IT industry. But, it’s just me thinking.


I’ve added twitter on the sidebar.

WordPress 2.1.3

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.1.3.

(via WordPress Blog)

1893 new lawyers

Congratulations to my two friends, Attys. Aguirre and Mangundayao who we can aptly call lawyers now. Good job.