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April was a month I got a lot of loving. My girlfriend came here to visit me on my birthday. We spent a lot of time together eating and just plain fooling around, things we’ve been missing a lot. She gave me a Moleskine and a Wacom Bamboo. My mom and brother called to greet me on my birthday. (Which reminds me, Mom’s day is around the corner, still thinking what to get my mom) And my bandmates surprised me the day before my birthday, complete with confetti and cake. My sincerest gratitude goes to everyone who remembered :)

April was also the month I changed jobs. My colleagues were all so sweet and got me a nifty farewell gift, an iPod Touch. I was really quite surprised they got me something. I thought the cake was already it. Haha!


My new workmates are a fun bunch and I’m starting to really like working there. It’s such a warm and fuzzy feeling being back in the wonderful and exciting world of startups. And it’s great that I get to talk technology and all those geek stuff to enlighten people who aren’t as geeky as me but are also interested in knowing how things work.

Part of my life goals is to get to do stuff related to technology and music. Right now I am getting pretty much that with my new job and my band.

It’s so nice to be surrounded by such wonderful people, considering I’m not really the friendly, talk to anyone type.

Life is good.

outside looking in

outside looking in

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light grenades

Last night, I watched Incubus with a couple of my band mates. I woke up this morning with an aching body, which means it was really good and i enjoyed it. It would’ve been good if they played a couple more songs from their older albums but it was an album tour for Light Grenades so I guess they had to play more from that album. Continue reading ‘light grenades’


Superdog - Hand-grilled Burgers and Hotdogs

I don’t know but their tagline just sounds so funny to me. Can anybody enlighten me if there’s really such a term as hand-grilled? Cause I’m thinking you don’t use your hands grilling food the way you do when making “handmade” stuff. But, what do I know about cooking? Haha!

Time is relative

I still find it weird seeing sunlight at 7 in the evening. All the while before I thought it was some sort of natural phenomenon, much like how the sun can be up in the UK in the evening. Apparently, it’s just that Singapore is using the “wrong” timezone. I’m not really complaining since at least it’s the same timezone as home.

Train Rides

I’ve always been amused with the things you get to see when riding a train. It’s interesting to see how each commuter tries to amuse him/herself. This is specially applicable to people like me who travel all the way from the heartlands. There are a lot of people who have portable game consoles (PSP, DS, etc.) There will also be people who have earphones on, listening to music (I presume) using their portable audio players or mobile phones. It’s notable though that almost half of the earphone-wearing commuters are using mobile phones to play their music, of which Nokia doesn’t have a monopoly. I’ve also noticed people who are carrying Blackberrys, looking through their email and RSS feeds. There would be a handful of people talking on their phone through the whole trip, which really says a lot about the reliability of telecoms here. I never would’ve imagined having continuous signal on an underground train. At times, there would be a couple of people using their laptops inside the train.

As for me, I amuse myself by listening to music on my mobile phone or just observing what the people around be are doing.

Office Quirks

It’s been amusing observing co-workers’ quirks. There are people who whine and complain but would stay in the office through the night and even until the morning just to finish what needs to be done. There are also people who get a little too carried away with words on e-mail. There are people who just don’t care about how their co-workers feel. There are people who are unaware of who’s doing what. Add to that the language and syntax barrier and you get a pseudo-amusement park.

And of course there would be me, enjoying the experience of all these workplace dynamics.

Day 13

Last Friday was fun, saw most of my workmates strut their wares on the dance floor. Also, it was a chance to get to know them a bit more since it was the perfect setup for having conversation (even with the loud music). Hopefully I can talk more with them during the coming weeks, even about non-work stuff.

Yesterday was the first time I did the laundry by myself, here in SG. I did it in three batches — the darks, the lights and the whites. I’m gonna have to be doing laundry every week until I can afford to expand my wardrobe. I just brought a handful for my first month since I didn’t want to carry a lot of baggage.

Five days

Today’s our fifth day here in Singapore. I’m thinking we’ve accomplished a lot during the last four days. We’ve fixed the room, bought some furniture from Ikea to make it more cozy and functional.

My room

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