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Books and Programming

Kinokuniya had a Lunar Year Sale. Everything was 20% off storewide. Thus, I decided to invest in books that would help me practice and gain more programming (or scripting) skills. I got phrasebooks for Python, JavaScript, Apache and MySQL. I already have a PHP phrasebook that has proven to be quite handy when I’m stumped and Google can’t seem to help me. I also got a Python + Django book so I can get a better feel of Python from a web development paradigm, since I do mostly web things although I’m hoping to do more mobile stuff soon (iPhone, S60 or even Android if opportunities permit). I also got a book on Dojo Toolkit so that I have an alternative to jQuery.

Some people might argue that you can learn a lot more about programming on the web. Although I also subscribe to that belief, I think I learn a lot faster when I’m reading from a book. Somehow, a book helps me have full focus on what I’m trying to learn. It helps me avoid my penchant to multi-task, specially when I get distracted by all the wonderful things I can see and do on the web.


I borrowed a book from April, Diary by Chuck Palahniuk more than a couple of weeks back and I’ve read just under ten pages. Things have been quite busy with the gf moving here and with band stuff. Hopefully I get to finish it this weekend since I haven’t read a book in a long while. I always find reading books relaxing. Somehow I gain the energy I lose from all the stuff I do.