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Choosy — my new default browser

Being a web developer, I work with quite a number of web browsers. It’s been a challenging task trying to load links directly on the browser I want without having to copy a link first somewhere then paste that link on the browser I wanted it to open in.

Choosy does a wonderful job of opening links the way I want them opened. The default behavior is that it lets you choose which browser to open any link your’re trying to launch. But the real beauty is the wide variety of customizations you can do. Behavior can be modified based on several conditions like the following:

  • web address (eg. all links that start with http://www.grabup.com opens in WebKit)
  • the application where the link is being opened from (eg. all links from Tweetie open in WebKit)
  • number of running browsers (eg. if 2 browsers are open then open link in Firefox)
  • the modifier key you’re pressing (eg. Command-Shift-Click can automatically open links in Firefox)
Plus, a whole lot of other combinations. Still exploring the other customizations but this will definitely improve my workflow.