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Missing my Dad

It’s been about a month since my Dad passed away and this morning I just missed him — his texts from time to time how I’m doing here and how he always liked the food in Newton Circus, which sadly I have never been to. I was wishing I could still text him about my rockstar moment yesterday. I miss him terribly.

And So September Ends

Last month was quite eventful and exhausting. We had to travel to Manila twice. The first time was when my father was in the ICU. The second was to pay my last respects. After a couple of months of enduring different procedures, my father passed away September 21. It was a painful and enlightening ordeal. But I’m sure he’s happy up there. We love you dad.

Back in Singapore

I’ve been away from Singapore for one whole week. My father was in the ICU from Saturday evening until Thursday morning. He had to undergo an operation to address bilial blockage. According to my brother, it’s palliative (a new word I learned) so there’s still a lot of uncertainty on how his condition will go from there. BeforeĀ we left, he was getting stronger and was already talking. Hopefully his condition gets better and better so he’ll be up and about when we come home again for Christmas. I missed them all a lot.