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Street Noise

Yesterday, we had a gig at Orchard Cineleisure for Noise Singapore. The setup was rather unfamiliar to me since there wasn’t a stage. Sure, I’ve performed without a stage but it wasn’t a full band setup — acoustic gigs. The only one that had a platform was me, the drummer. Everyone else was on the same level the people were — on the street. Despite the technical glitches with the wirings I think we sounded great for the most part (from my monitor speaker that is). It was a rather refreshing experience creating music for passersby. I think I’d want to do something like that again.

I actually didn’t know we can be heard from Orchard Road. I hope the people who got a listen to our music enjoyed what they heard.

One Republic’s Apologize (cover by EN-X)

My band’s rendition of One Republic’s Apologize. Enjoy. Hehe =)

The Sixty One

I’ve posted some of our songs on TheSixtyOne, a relatively new music site which encourages users to listen to new music to move up the ranks. One of our songs have been steadily climbing the charts. It’s now on page 5 of the over all chart and page 2 of the rock chart. Woopee!

New Song Up

My band has a new song up on our MySpace page. It’s called “Warning Sign.” Please do check it out.