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Revisiting Google Chrome

Google Chrome has recently taken off the “beta” label. After installing it and using it for quite some time, I’ve began to really like it so much that it has replaced Firefox as the browser I use for web surfing (I still use Firefox + Firebug when doing web development).  It’s fast, responsive and doesn’t show any signs of sluggishness even if  there’s more than 20 tabs open. Tab management is also intuitive, it’s easy to merge tabs or separate them into different windows. It also supports native drag and drop for file upload fields, something I’d like to be native in Firefox since the dragdropupload plugin can be wonky at times. 

I wonder when will the OS X version come out.

Browser Stats

With the above, I’m assuming most of my visitors are net savvy since more than half use Firefox. Chrome even comes to a close third. I’m amused.