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Weekend Shopping

The gf moved to Singapore this weekend. And since it’s her first weekend, we spent most of it going around, watching a movie and doing a bit of shopping. We went to the PC Show to get a couple of external hard drives. I got a WD My Book Home Edition (3.5″ USB, FireWire, eSATA) for Time Machine on my MBP. She got a white WD Passport Essential (2.5″ USB) for her MB.On our way out of the PC Show we saw Dingdong Dantes as we were going down on the escalator. I muttered “Eto pala si Dingdong oh.” and I realized that I was loud when he turned to us with a puzzled look. So I just said hi and he acknowledged. Haha!

Yahoo! Answers

Some of the questions at Yahoo! Answers can really be entertaining. Take for example the following:

If a gal gets a restraining order against me, is she just playing hard to get?

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