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Christmas in August

We finally have an iPad and an iPhone 4. The 3GS now goes to the lovely wife with a very apt case. Since we’re both using iPhones now, SMS has become a lot more fun with the Emoji icons. Also, it’s easier to tell her about apps that run on iPhones since she can install them as opposed to before when her only way to access iOS apps was via a first generation iPod touch. That iPod touch will now be turned into a development device, specially useful when I need to test on slower devices and iOS3.

The first thing that I think anyone would instantly notice about the iPhone 4 is that the Retina Display is just so clear. Everything looks sharp. Just one glance you’ll easily see which apps have not updated their graphics for the Retina Display. There’s also a different feel to it compared to the 3GS and I have yet to settle on a way to hold it. As for the iPad, after trying out Universal apps that I already own, the increased real estate really does open up a lot of possibilities for creating usable and intuitive interfaces. It pretty much dispels, at least for me, most people’s initial notion that it’s just a big iPhone or iPod touch. Also, I didn’t have too much problems typing on it. But, probably that’s because I’m a touch typist.

Anyway, I’ll probably be writing more about the iPad and iPhone 4 once I’ve had more time playing with them. So far, I’m enjoying every bit of it.