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Pearl PowerShifter Eliminator

I was contemplating on getting the Pearl Eliminator or the Iron Cobras. Although most people might prefer the Iron Cobras because they feel good out of the box, I ultimately decided on getting the Pearl because it is more customizable. Being the geek that I am, I like tweaking stuff. Moreover, my drumming style is still evolving so I thought it would be best to get a pedal that can adapt with my style in the long run. Besides, before moving here I’ve been using a Pearl drum kit back home. And while researching on both pedals, I remembered how I love Pearl hardware for having both beauty and function.

Some of the things I can customize are:

  • beater angle
  • beater type
  • foot board angle/height
  • cam (I have yet to decide which cam to use)
  • option to switch to belt type