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Nokia’s Developer Push

A few days back I went to Nokia’s Code Camp. They seem to be making a push to make sure developers create more apps on their platform, which is understandable with the advent of iPhone and Android. They’re launching their own version of of Apple’s AppStore — the Ovi Store,  which will house all content and applications available for S60 device. One of their selling points is they have a more attractive and flexible revenue framework for developers.

Also, I learned that my E71 can apparently run WRT (Web Runtime) widgets. WRT makes it possible to run JavaScript apps separately from the native browser. This is probably the answer to my long-running quest for a more usable Twitter client on the E71 (I’m gonna have to make my own).

What’s interesting though is version 1.1 of WRT (which unfortunaltey for me, will only be available on S60 5th edition devices like the 5800 and N97). It offers an API that provides access to device functions like GPS, Bluetooth, Messaging, Vibrate, Imaging. This effectively lowers the barriers to entry of mobile app development for the web developer. One doesn’t need to know C++ just to create applications that can interact with the phone system. Web developers can use their existing knowledge of JavaScript (and also ActionScript on Flash Lite) to create mobile applications that go beyond just pull information from the web.


js1_125JsMag (the magazine for JavaScript developers) has released their first issue. It features quite interesting topics:

  • Debugging JavaScript without alert()
  • Introduction to ExtJS
  • The Object Literal pattern
  • Community News
  • Unit testing with YUI
  • What’s new in jQuery 1.3
  • Functional Programming in JavaScript
It’s a $US4.99 per issue and there’s a sampler PDF if you want to take a peek. I think I might just get it.