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Quicksilver to LaunchBar

After upgrading to Snow Leopard, I’ve decided to look for an alternative for Quicksilver since it really started being flaky and unstable (even with the latest builds). Upon reading articles on The Setup, I’ve found that people either use Quicksilver or LaunchBar as application launchers. And so I decided to try LaunchBar for at least a week to see if it would fit my workflow.

First thing I liked is how responsive LaunchBar is and that it doesn’t consume too much screen real estate. Another plus is the drag and drop functionality which saves me time when I want to open files in a specific application or move them to another folder. It’s also a joy how accessible and discoverable all the other actions are (which were probably present in Quicksilver but I never got to use). Customizing searching and indexing seems to be a bit more straightforward. Also, I’m starting to warm up having access to recent clipboard history which really helps a lot when moving code around. LaunchBar has pretty much been helping me make certain things I do very often a lot faster (like send files to BetterZip for zipping with a password, move files to the Dropbox Public folder, find files in a specific folder). So after about three weeks, I decided to fork the € 24.00 (well € 19.20 since I got a 20% discount code) and I’m really happy about the purchase.