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Software I Use (A Lot)

After being a Mac user for more than a year, I’ve already developed workflows on how I do things on a mac settled in on the software that I use on a regular basis. Below is that list divided into those that I use daily and those that I use at least every couple of days.


  • Adium – for instant messaging
  • BackBlaze – for continuous daily backups
  • Caffeine – for preventing the Mac from sleeping
  • Firefox 3.5 + Firebug 1.5 – for web development and checking how sites were built(still haven’t gotten used to WebKit’s inspector)
  • Gmail (via Fluid) – for well, email
  • iTunes – for playing music and syncing podcasts to the iPhone
  • Quicksilver – for launching programs via the keyboard
  • Terminal – for doing some command line magic
  • TextMate – for typing, viewing, editing text/code
  • Tweetie – for tweeting (one of my favorite desktop twitter clients)
  • WebKit Nightly – for regular browsing
Every few days
  • Acorn – for ocassional image editing
  • BetterZip – for zipping files, specially for sending to non-Mac users.
  • CSSEdit – for projects where i need to develop a lot of CSS, otherwise I’d do everything in TextMate
  • Dropbox – for sending/sharing and syncing files
  • Grabup – for quick sending of screenshots
  • iCal/Address Book – for scheduling and keeping tabs on contacts (now trying out syncing with Google Calendar and Google Contacts via SpanningSync)
  • MAMP – for web development since I had one project that needed GD
  • NetNewsWire – for reading feeds
  • Time Machine – for regular backups
  • Transmit – for file transfers (FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3)
  • VLC – for playing media files
  • VMWare Fusion – for running stuff on Windows
  • Yojimbo – for keeping passwords mostly, sometimes a few notes
Next post would be what I use on the iPhone since I’ve been using it for exactly a month already.