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My laptop’s back and then some

My laptop’s back from the service centre and it looks and feels new again. They had to replace the whole top case to replace the LCD. So my laptop’s now shiny new and the hinge is still tight. It’s good to note that they were quite fast. Their supposedly standard wait time was 5 working days. So kinda got on a mindset of having no laptop for a week. But I got it after 3 working days. I brought it in Tuesday lunch and it was already available for pickup by Friday. I only got to pick it up Saturday since I didn’t have time to go to Funan on Friday since it’s always a busy day for us at the office.

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One week without a laptop

I’ve sent in my MBP for servicing because of a grey spot that looks like a smudge inside the LCD. It’s not that noticable before because I’ve always kept my dock on the left side of the screen to maximize the vertical space available for my apps. Lately however, I’ve been using an external monitor so I had the luxury of putting the dock at the bottom. When I disconnected it from the external monitor so I can use it on my lap, that’s the time I saw the smudge. I wonder how it got there though. The lady at the service center told me it’ll take around 5 working days before I get it back. I hope I get it soon though. I’ve heard of stories that it can take a month or two for LCD screens to be replaced.

The Year That Was (Part 1)

I’ve decided to make my year ender post two parts. Part one would focus more on my brushes with technology for the year that passed. Second part would focus more on personal events and realizations. So here goes..

Hello Apple

2008 is the year I became part of the cult of Mac. I was always intrigued by the Apple experience. I’ve been hearing a lot how intuitive and easy to use Apple’s products are especially when my girlfriend got a MacBook a couple of years back.

Come April 2008, I got a taste of the Apple experience when my colleagues got me an iPod Touch as a farewell gift. The user experience was just beautiful and refined. Having gotten a taste of Apple’s definition of intuitive and easy to use; and knowing how easy it is to run Windows through BootCamp or virtualization, I was totally convinced that my next portable would be a Mac. And a MacBook Pro it was specifically.

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Keeping my devices in sync

Lately, I’ve been using my E71 more than my computer — to organize my calendar, read emails, make quick replies, update contact info. And with iSync I’ve been able to keep the info between my computer and mobile phone synchronized.

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Apple introduces new Macbooks

Apple released their new notebook line today. They’re really pretty but I still love my MacBook Pro. If I were to purchase a notebook now I might actually go with the high end MacBook instead of the MacBook Pro since it would be able to support most of my graphic needs already. Then I’d probably get an iMac for running more graphic intensive apps at home.

The new MacBook is also a very good alternative to those who might want a MacBook Air just for its looks but still want more power and an integrated optical drive. It’s relatively lighter now compared to the previous MacBook, from 5.0 to 4.5 lbs. Although I’m not sure if that’s noticable.

The things I don’t like about the new MacBook Pros is there’s no option for a non-glossy screen and I still have to get used to using a chiclet style keyboard.


While I was away, I needed to do some work since my leave was abrupt and in the middle of a crucial stage of a project. I was in the hospital for most of the middle of the week and it’s a good thing I’ve set up tethering on my MacbookPro via bluetooth using my N81 before. I was also fortunate that Globe has finally decided to have an option for time-based charging when using mobile broadband which is more cost effective if you’re consuming a lot of data.

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