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Google Sync for S60

Finally, there’s official support for Google Sync in S60 via Mail for Exchange. I haven’t been syncing my calendar on the E71 as much since it required me to manually sync via GooSync after NuevaSync stopped working for me. Now I can have calendar sync automated again. Good times.

(via Google Mobile Blog)

Nokia’s Developer Push

A few days back I went to Nokia’s Code Camp. They seem to be making a push to make sure developers create more apps on their platform, which is understandable with the advent of iPhone and Android. They’re launching their own version of of Apple’s AppStore — the Ovi Store,  which will house all content and applications available for S60 device. One of their selling points is they have a more attractive and flexible revenue framework for developers.

Also, I learned that my E71 can apparently run WRT (Web Runtime) widgets. WRT makes it possible to run JavaScript apps separately from the native browser. This is probably the answer to my long-running quest for a more usable Twitter client on the E71 (I’m gonna have to make my own).

What’s interesting though is version 1.1 of WRT (which unfortunaltey for me, will only be available on S60 5th edition devices like the 5800 and N97). It offers an API that provides access to device functions like GPS, Bluetooth, Messaging, Vibrate, Imaging. This effectively lowers the barriers to entry of mobile app development for the web developer. One doesn’t need to know C++ just to create applications that can interact with the phone system. Web developers can use their existing knowledge of JavaScript (and also ActionScript on Flash Lite) to create mobile applications that go beyond just pull information from the web.

Windows Live Hotmail Mobile Beta

Hotmail apparently has a beta version of their mobile interface (accessible via http://m.mail.live.com on your handheld devices). It looks a lot cleaner and seems to show more information than the current version. You can also click anywhere on a message row to show the actual message. The current only allows for clicking on the subject. But as with most things Hotmail, it’s slow and not very responsive, compared to the mobile interfaces I’ve tried — i.e.  Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. Screenshots below. Continue reading ‘Windows Live Hotmail Mobile Beta’

Wireless@SG Auto Login

The annoying thing about using Wireless@SG is you always have to login with your username and password through some website before you can start browsing. My flatmate recommended an app to make that cumbersome process easier, at least on my iPod Touch. SG Wireless is a little app that helps you login to Wireless@SG automatically. Once you’ve saved your login info in Settings, just open the app then it tells you if you get connected, close it. And you’re all set to use any of your apps that need Internet connection without opening Safari and having to key in your Wireless@SG user+pass combo. I wonder if there’s a desktop widget that can do the same thing.

Update: For iPhone, iPod touch with OS 3.1 and up (except first generation devices), you can now download apps from the 3 Wireless@SG providers that would generate a certificate for your device. Installing the certificate will make your device automatically connect to Wireless@SGx without you having to input any password. After the certificate is installed, you can just delete the app. App Store links below:

Keeping Google Calendar, iCal and my E71 in sync

After simplifying my email, the next task I needed to do to have a more organized life is to have a calendar I can view and edit on any device I’m on (mobile, notebook, office computer). Since I moved all my email to a Google App domain, might as well use the calendar that came with it. Luckily, Google Calendar now supports Apple iCal, so it was rather straightforward to have iCal and my Google Calendar synced. I just needed to run Calaboration once to automatically setup my calendar on iCal. Once it was done, sync was done OTA. iCal basically works now as an interface to Google Calendar. The downside to this is you need to keep iCal open if you want to make sure your calendar is always syncronized.

As for sync with my E71, I signed up for GooSync to sync with Google Calendar so I can sync anytime, anywhere. I hope there’s some way to make it automatic though. Previously, I used iSync through Bluetooth to sync my E71 and iCal. Now, the only thing I use iSync for is my contacts which doesn’t really change as often as the calendar.

Update: Since Google already supports Exchange via Google Sync, there’s no more need to use a third-party service (GooSync). It would be easier to just sync the E71 via Mail for Exchange. Google has setup instructions for Nokia S60 devices. If you’re using Google Apps, you need to enable mobile sync for your domain via the control panel.

If you don’t like keeping iCal open (like me) and you don’t mind spending, Spanning Sync is a great way to synchronize iCal/Address Book and Google Calendar/Contacts.

Nokia Sports Tracker

I’ve always wanted to get Nike+ before so I can be a bit more serious about running by keeping track of my runs. Apparently, my phone has a pre installed Sports Tracker and I tried it out this morning.  And according to it, I ran some 2.28km today.

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Mobile Apps

Since I’ve been on my E71 a lot more. Here’s some apps that I frequently use on it.

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Keeping my devices in sync

Lately, I’ve been using my E71 more than my computer — to organize my calendar, read emails, make quick replies, update contact info. And with iSync I’ve been able to keep the info between my computer and mobile phone synchronized.

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WordPress App on iPod Touch / iPhone

Just trying out the WordPress app on the iPod Touch. Seems to be usable enough for basic blogging purposes. You get to tag and categorize your entries. No text formatting, or image uploads though. There’s only so much you can do on a mobile device. But I think it’s a good first effort for automattic.