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New MobileMe Navigation

I really like the new MobileMe navigation. It’s accessible via a keyboard shortcut (Shift-Esc) and the “switcher” also adapts to the size of the window. Now, this is starting to get me really interested about this SproutCore thing.

Keeping my devices in sync

Lately, I’ve been using my E71 more than my computer — to organize my calendar, read emails, make quick replies, update contact info. And with iSync I’ve been able to keep the info between my computer and mobile phone synchronized.

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The Switch – MobileMe

I think I’m pretty much bent on getting Apple’s MobileMe once I do get an iPhone. Hopefully all the launch glitches would be ironed out once the iPhone is available here in Singapore.

I’ve tried out the Push technology for mail, calendar and contacts with an iPod Touch and I’m satisfied with how it works seamlessly across platforms (deskop app, mobile app, web app). I won’t have to worry of syncing between devices since it’s synced at one central location. And it’s an added appeal that I’ll be using very similar interfaces across all three platforms.

For the moment, I’ll try testing this setup at least for my calendar and contacts until my MobileMe trial expires.