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Touch Typing

A lot of people (the gf, my colleagues and some friends) are amused at how I can type really fast because I touch type (type without looking at the keyboard). I probably developed the skill from years of MUD and IRC. It did help me a lot in times when I needed to conjure code with a very very tight timeline. It’s also probably the reason why I love keyboard shortcuts. But I digresss.

I just read (in Wikipedia, where else?) that there are training courses for touch typing. The only training I had was my father telling me to put both my index fingers on F and J. And that is where I learned why the F and J keys had guide bumps on them. I’ve always thought that it was because it was for Fire and Jump for games. Hehe 😀 I’m probably the unconventional touch typist because I can type without looking at the keyboard but I don’t necessarily press some keys with the nearest finger. But, whatever gets the job done.