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Nokia Sports Tracker

I’ve always wanted to get Nike+ before so I can be a bit more serious about running by keeping track of my runs. Apparently, my phone has a pre installed Sports Tracker and I tried it out this morning.  And according to it, I ran some 2.28km today.

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Running is probably the only “sport” I can totally relate to. It’s not that I don’t enjoy playing other sports. I also play basketball with friends among others. But there’s always a differently novelty to me that comes with running. I know it sounds kinda ironic but I think running is a calming experience. At least for me.

And so I’ve decided to participate in the Nike+ Human Race 10K. I started to “train” this morning, following some of the tips on this article to get back into running form. Hopefully, I can follow through with this and match, if not, beat my 1hr 10min 10k run 7 years ago. Or even just finish the race.