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On Exposure

Day 5 of Photoworks was quite enlightening. I got to discover a whole new perspective on exposure, knowing what the light meter is telling you and actually using it to create the shot you want to take. After reading countless websites about the topic, there’s really nothing new discussed on the technical side. But what our instructor Leo Castillo brings to the table is a better and easier way to understand how things work and how to use them to your liking.

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Photoworks Day 2

Day 2 of Photoworks was fun. We got to critique each other’s photo project and we were also able to get a grasp of using lenses for the moment you want to capture. The subject matter seems to be a little overwhelming to me right now. Hopefully after sleeping on it I can start applying it when I take photographs.


Photoworks Class 30 started last Wed, March 21. I’ve always wanted to join this class but didn’t before since I don’t think I can stand having to be with a lot of people I don’t know. This time I got to join because my friends signed up for it. So far it’s been quite interesting. It seems to be a whole new way of looking at photography. Hopefully I do get to learn a lot from it, which reminds me, I haven’t done the photo project yet.