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Books and Programming

Kinokuniya had a Lunar Year Sale. Everything was 20% off storewide. Thus, I decided to invest in books that would help me practice and gain more programming (or scripting) skills. I got phrasebooks for Python, JavaScript, Apache and MySQL. I already have a PHP phrasebook that has proven to be quite handy when I’m stumped and Google can’t seem to help me. I also got a Python + Django book so I can get a better feel of Python from a web development paradigm, since I do mostly web things although I’m hoping to do more mobile stuff soon (iPhone, S60 or even Android if opportunities permit). I also got a book on Dojo Toolkit so that I have an alternative to jQuery.

Some people might argue that you can learn a lot more about programming on the web. Although I also subscribe to that belief, I think I learn a lot faster when I’m reading from a book. Somehow, a book helps me have full focus on what I’m trying to learn. It helps me avoid my penchant to multi-task, specially when I get distracted by all the wonderful things I can see and do on the web.

Typing and Coding

After reading We Are Typist First, Programmers Second, I tried the same test the author used and I got the following:

I tried 5 times just to be sure and my results hovered around +/- 3 of the above. Jeff Atwood does have a valid point that typing is a core programming discipline since you really have to type a lot of not just code but at some point documentation, specifications and emails about what you just made, among other stuff. I also like to code and test something I thought about rather than just write the idea of it then type later. Being able to type relatively fast helps me to be able to maintain that train of thought while trying to address a problem.