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Safari 4 Beta – First Impressions

  • I like the new tab management, i.e. tabs on top, drag and drop and no more title bar. It’s more intuitive and reminds me of another Webkit browser — Google Chrome.
  • The address bar (or address field) is smarter now, reminiscent of Firefox’s awesome bar.
  • Top Sites which displays screenshots of your frequently used shots when opening a new tab is nifty and reminds again of Chrome. Safari4 just makes it prettier with the perspective and shadows and black background. Although I think Opera was the first to have that thumbnail grid interface.
  • Just like Firefox, it now has full-page zoom, but it seems to be slow when rendering a zoom in. I tested it on Safari’s feature page and there’s some kind of lag when zooming in.
  • On OS X, it now natively supports Ctrl+Tab when switching tabs.
  • There’s ¬†cover flow for bookmarks and history, which I think is a nice way of trying to find something you’ve visited specially if all you have is a visual memory of how the site looked like rather than keywords.
  • It’s supposed to have better¬†developer tools although I have yet to explore them, although looking from the feature list it’s almost everything Firefox+Firebug can do .
  • I still need to run the sites I usually more to see if it can actually be my main browser on OS X as Google Chrome is still nowhere near available. But, overall it’s a refreshing experience.

Browser Stats

With the above, I’m assuming most of my visitors are net savvy since more than half use Firefox. Chrome even comes to a close third. I’m amused.

Safari on Windows

Finally, there’s Safari for Windows. I’ve tested it for a few sites and so far so good. The text rendering is beautiful. However, it seems to be a memory hog. Also, when trying to create a link using the visual editor of WordPress 2, it deselects the text thereby making no link at all. It’s still on Public Beta so bugs are quite expected. But at least, I don’t have to go to the neighboring Macs just to check if sites are rendering correctly on Safari.