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My laptop’s back and then some

My laptop’s back from the service centre and it looks and feels new again. They had to replace the whole top case to replace the LCD. So my laptop’s now shiny new and the hinge is still tight. It’s good to note that they were quite fast. Their supposedly standard wait time was 5 working days. So kinda got on a mindset of having no laptop for a week. But I got it after 3 working days. I brought it in Tuesday lunch and it was already available for pickup by Friday. I only got to pick it up Saturday since I didn’t have time to go to Funan on Friday since it’s always a busy day for us at the office.

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Weekend Shopping

The gf moved to Singapore this weekend. And since it’s her first weekend, we spent most of it going around, watching a movie and doing a bit of shopping. We went to the PC Show to get a couple of external hard drives. I got a WD My Book Home Edition (3.5″ USB, FireWire, eSATA) for Time Machine on my MBP. She got a white WD Passport Essential (2.5″ USB) for her MB.On our way out of the PC Show we saw Dingdong Dantes as we were going down on the escalator. I muttered “Eto pala si Dingdong oh.” and I realized that I was loud when he turned to us with a puzzled look. So I just said hi and he acknowledged. Haha!

Wrist happy

After more than ten years I think of refusing to wear and buy a watch, I finally succumbed and got myself a “fishing” watch (but i’m not sure if i’ll be able to use the fishing functions). What I like about it is it looks “sports casual” to me.


I also got some baller bands for the other wrist as it may get lonely at times. I especially like this one.


Personal Shopping

And so I went shopping today. Here’s the list of what I got for myself:

  • a battery-operated hair clipper (since I mostly maintain the skinhead hairstyle)
  • an electronic shaver
  • 3 shirts (to expand my wardrobe)
  • a sketch pad (so I can start with preliminary designs for my weblogs)
  • body lotion (for my dry skin, which has become more prevalent with the weather and airconditioning)
  • hydrating gel (also for my dry skin)
  • DVD+R (for backing up my pictures and other personal files)