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Revisiting Akismet and comment spam

After consolidating my email to one account, I discovered that I’m still getting a lot of email from my older blogs regarding new comments on my entries. Comments which are mostly spam. So I tried to check what anti-spam plugins I have installed on those blogs. One still had the now “discontinued” Spam Karma, the other had a very old version of Akismet. The reason why I had Spam Karma on one of my blogs was because Akismet just couldn’t handle all the spam even if my blog is remotely popular. So I updated both blogs to use the latest version of Akismet since I’m satisfied with how it is handling spam on this blog. So far, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, filter the usual casino and viagra comment/trackback spam. Akismet seems to have improved a lot overall since it’s first incarnation as a plugin packaged with WordPress.