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Apple Keyboard

Finally got myself an apple keyboard so I can use my underutilized external monitor with my MBP’s lid closed (I only learned I could a couple of days ago, goes to show how much of a n00b i still am in the Mac world).

As for first impressions, the keys are light to the touch but still responsive enough for touch typing, which is good for people (like me) who are having RSI or CTS. It is a whole lot better than the keyboard I use in the office which is a generic one that comes with Dell Vostro machines. I think I’m gonna enjoy coding with it and one more reason for me to develop a blogging/writing habit.  It even looks good with my E71.

Typing and Coding

After reading We Are Typist First, Programmers Second, I tried the same test the author used and I got the following:

I tried 5 times just to be sure and my results hovered around +/- 3 of the above. Jeff Atwood does have a valid point that typing is a core programming discipline since you really have to type a lot of not just code but at some point documentation, specifications and emails about what you just made, among other stuff. I also like to code and test something I thought about rather than just write the idea of it then type later. Being able to type relatively fast helps me to be able to maintain that train of thought while trying to address a problem.

Touch Typing

A lot of people (the gf, my colleagues and some friends) are amused at how I can type really fast because I touch type (type without looking at the keyboard). I probably developed the skill from years of MUD and IRC. It did help me a lot in times when I needed to conjure code with a very very tight timeline. It’s also probably the reason why I love keyboard shortcuts. But I digresss.

I just read (in Wikipedia, where else?) that there are training courses for touch typing. The only training I had was my father telling me to put both my index fingers on F and J. And that is where I learned why the F and J keys had guide bumps on them. I’ve always thought that it was because it was for Fire and Jump for games. Hehe 😀 I’m probably the unconventional touch typist because I can type without looking at the keyboard but I don’t necessarily press some keys with the nearest finger. But, whatever gets the job done.