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Tweetie 2 for iPhone

Tweetie 2 for iPhone just came out of the App Store [iTunes link]. Within a day of using it, it has taken the spot of Twitterrific [iTunes link] as my primary Twitter client on the iPhone. It has again raised the bar for mobile Twitter clients. Following are the things I like so far:

  • Swipe to “Go Home” — Swiping L-R on the top navigation brings you back to the main screen (I hope this gesture is adopted to the Mail app so it would work a little better with multiple email accounts).
  • OS X Dock-style Alerts —A very elegant way to show that there are new @mentions and dms — just a tiny glow under the navbar.
  • Full Persistence — It now caches previous tweets and reopening the app takes you back to exactly where you were before, in case you get a call or have to go to another app.
  • User Profile UI — It now follows the same UI used for user profiles on Tweetie for Mac which I think works very well when exploring Twitter. You can easily see a user’s previous tweets, @mentions, following and followers list, etc.
  • Edit Profile — It’s now possible to edit your profile from within the app itself.
  • Landscape Support — And it’s configurable.
  • Live-Filter — Now you can search within your stream so it’s easier to find a tweet you’ve already read and want to go back to.
  • j.mp (bit.ly) Integration — You now get to own the short urls you create via the app by entering your bit.ly details.
  • Threaded Conversations — Reply chains are now displayed on one screen like in the Mac version.
  • Drafts — Which you can also send to Birdhouse.
Now, I can’t wait for 2.0 of Tweetie for Mac.

A Mac Software List

After switching to the Mac, I had to find software that would help me do stuff I like doing.  So far, the following are the software I’ve tried and that survived in my Applications folder.

VMWare Fusion – Since I switched from Windows, there are still a handful of apps I use on Windows. I also use it for browser testing (specially IE6). It’s the first OS X app I paid for and I think it’s worth it with all the things I am able to do with it around.

TextMate – Now my primary text editor. The bundles just make it easy for me to code in just about any language I need to code on. I’m still discovering a lot of things about it but so far it has helped me to code faster and keep my code cleaner and more organized. There’s also a certain magic I feel when I’m writing code on it.

Transmit – I tried FileZilla since it was my main FTP program in Windows, but it just didn’t feel right on OS X, so I tried Transmit and it fell just right into place. After learning new and adding custom keyboard shortcuts it fits perfectly with how I work. I especially like being able to edit stuff on the server seamlessly.

Yojimbo – Currently it serves as my password repository. Hopefully I’ll use it more as a repository of other things that I need to take down.

DestroyTwitter and Tweetie – After trying out a host of desktop Twitter clients (like EventBox, TweetDeck, Twhirl, Nambu, etc.), I’ve settled with the two. I use DestroyTwitter if I want to keep Twitter less intrusive (i.e. when I’m in The Zone). I use Tweetie when I’m actively exploring the Twitterverse.

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