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A Mac Software List

After switching to the Mac, I had to find software that would help me do stuff I like doing.  So far, the following are the software I’ve tried and that survived in my Applications folder.

VMWare Fusion – Since I switched from Windows, there are still a handful of apps I use on Windows. I also use it for browser testing (specially IE6). It’s the first OS X app I paid for and I think it’s worth it with all the things I am able to do with it around.

TextMate – Now my primary text editor. The bundles just make it easy for me to code in just about any language I need to code on. I’m still discovering a lot of things about it but so far it has helped me to code faster and keep my code cleaner and more organized. There’s also a certain magic I feel when I’m writing code on it.

Transmit – I tried FileZilla since it was my main FTP program in Windows, but it just didn’t feel right on OS X, so I tried Transmit and it fell just right into place. After learning new and adding custom keyboard shortcuts it fits perfectly with how I work. I especially like being able to edit stuff on the server seamlessly.

Yojimbo – Currently it serves as my password repository. Hopefully I’ll use it more as a repository of other things that I need to take down.

DestroyTwitter and Tweetie – After trying out a host of desktop Twitter clients (like EventBox, TweetDeck, Twhirl, Nambu, etc.), I’ve settled with the two. I use DestroyTwitter if I want to keep Twitter less intrusive (i.e. when I’m in The Zone). I use Tweetie when I’m actively exploring the Twitterverse.

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Some Benefits of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

A side effect of “the switch” is that I am now reaping more and more benefits from virtualization. One of the first things I had to do when I switched was get virtualization software. This is so I can run Windows programs (mostly browsers) inside OS X as opposed to rebooting into a Windows install through Boot Camp.

I went for VMWare Fusion because of their Virtual Appliances. I was thinking that if I wanted to play with Linux in the future, I’d do away having to install and configure a whole operating system that I’m not very familiar with. However, after reading some very informative articles at Slicehost on how to install and configure things like Apache, PHP, MySQL, Nginx and Django on a naked Linux install, I forewent the Virtual Appliance route. I decided that If I am to learn more about Linux I have to go through the whole install and configure process and just create my own virtual appliances.

I think the advent of virtualization and cloud computing is a good thing for the industry I’m currently in (which has many names, mostly with the following keywords jumbled up – digital, interactive, marketing, advertising). This is specially beneficial for smaller shops who have less resources to invest in hosting infrastructure. Continue reading ‘Some Benefits of Virtualization and Cloud Computing’