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The Switch – Exposé

About a month ago, I’ve decided to make the switch from Windows to OS X. So far, I’m a happy camper. I’ve been enjoying a lot of the features on OS X that I don’t find in Windows XP. Every week, I hope I can post one thing I like about OS X.

One of those features is Exposé. I usually prefer using two monitors when doing web work since I need to have several open programs. For example, I would have three browser windows, a coding window, a terminal window and an SQL window. In Windows XP, unless you have a very very big monitor, transferring information from one window to another can be quite cumbersome. Somehow, when working on my Mac, I don’t feel a deep need to have 2 monitors since I can easily sift through open windows using Exposé. It just makes the simple task of copying info from one window to another easy and fast to do.

Keystroke Launchers

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using keystroke launchers a lot. Somehow I find it more convenient in launching applications or opening folders as compared to using the Start menu on Windows or the Dock on OS X.

You simply activate it using a hotkey (I use Ctrl-Space), then type what you want to launch or run and the launcher will search all available apps or folders that match the letters you just type. For eg. I type PS for Photoshop or DW for Dreamweaver. It saves me a lot of time specially when I need to do certain things in the littlest amount of time possible.

For Windows I use Launchy, for OS X I use Quicksilver.